York County Sheriff’s Deputy Shoots Suspect While Investigating Domestic Assault Of Pregnant Woman

YORK COUNTY — A man was injured after being shot by deputies who were investigating a domestic violence related call in York County over the weekend.

Just after 9am, deputies say they responded to a restaurant on South Anderson Road after a pregnant woman called 911 and told deputies she had been repeatedly hit by her boyfriend in the stomach and that he also pointed a gun at her.

Deputies went to the home on Steen Circle where the alleged incident happened just after 10:30am.

Authorities say 28-year-old Darrin Cherry immediately opened fire with two handguns at the arriving patrol car, according to a news release.  Deputies reportedly returned fire and shot Cherry.  After securing the scene, deputies took Cherry into custody and found a child in the back seat of the vehicle Cherry was driving, according to a news release.  The child was not injured in the shooting.

Deputies say they rendered first aid to Cherry before he was transported to Piedmont Medical Center where he is in stable condition.  No deputies were injured in the shooting.

SLED is investigating the shooting and the deputy involved has been placed on paid administrative leave.