On To The Greek Alphabet For The Remainder Of The 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season

Tropical Storm Beta has formed in the Gulf of Mexico. The third named storm of the day!


What a year, what a season, and what a day! The third storm of the day has been named, and it gets its name from the Greek Alphabet. Tropical Storm Beta has formed in the southwestern Gulf of Mexico making it the 23rd named storm this season.

  1. Teddy is a category 3 hurricane, and is forecast to move east of Bermuda late Sunday or Monday. From there, Teddy is expected to transition to a powerful post-tropical cyclone as it moves near, or over, parts of Atlantic Canada.
  2. Tropical Storm Wilfred is forecast to weaken as it travels west across the open Atlantic Ocean.
  3. Subtropical Storm Alpha formed just off the coast of Portugal and has already made landfall.
  4. Tropical Storm Beta is expected to strengthen and could possibly become a hurricane. The cone of uncertainly stretches from Mexico to Louisiana, so this one needs to be watched closely by those along the Gulf Coast.
  5. There are two waves in the eastern Atlantic Ocean, but they are not a concern to the United States at this time.

Fun fact – Greek alphabet storms can not be retired. For example, if Alpha was a destructive and/or deadly storm then “Alpha 2020” would be retired, but Alpha could be used again.