NC State Supt. of Public Instruction Pushing For All Students To Return To In Person Instruction

CHARLOTTE, NC – The North Carolina Superintendent of Public Instruction pushed for all students to return to in person learning during an interview with WCCB. 

“All the COVID-19 Precautions we’re taking are working,” said Supt. Mark Johnson.

Johnson touted the work of his office and school districts across the state that are moving forward with Plan A.  He said full remote learning won’t cut it. 

“Especially for our young students. Especially for students with exceptional needs and students coming from poverty where they might not have the same resources to get the full advantage of remote learning,” said Johnson.

While Johnson says he would like to see all students return to in person classes; that likely won’t be a reality for CMS students anytime soon. 

The board voted Wednesday to move into Plan B, which brings back students on a rotational basis beginning with the youngest students in October. A CMS spokesperson says there are no plans to move to Plan A at this time. 

“We leave educators and students vulnerable to infection and that is not what anyone wants to do,” said Tamika Walker Kelly, the President of the State Educators Association. 

She says she has concerns about Plan A.

She says PPE supplies for some schools in the state are not adequate and leave students and teachers vulnerable. 

Johnson says teachers, like parents and children will have the option to stay remote. 

“All of the teachers who might want to stay remote are paired with the students who want to stay remote. It’s going to be logistically difficult, but it’s possible,” said Johnson.

But Walker Kelly says that will create a logistical nightmare and teachers will be put in a tight spot. 

“We will continue to take a stand to make sure that we are valuing the safety of our lives and our student’s lives,” said Walker Kelly

School districts can implement Plan A beginning October 5th.