Confederate Monument Center Of Controversy in Union County

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A 155 year old monument is the center of controversy in Union County.  People lined up on the steps of the county courthouse showing support for the statue while others pushed for its removal.

The monument has been outside the courthouse since 1910.  Just below it, a memorial for 10 African Americans from Union County who served during the civil war.

Many residents say both monuments belong in a museum where the history of the Confederacy can be taught.  Others told commissioners they are descendants of soldiers of the Confederacy of the monument, a symbol of their history shouldn’t be erased.

“As a proud son of the south I owe, nor will I offer anybody for my heritage,” says one resident from Monroe.

“I have no problem with the monument in its proper place.  It’s proper place is in a museum,” says a Union County Resident.

Commissioners did not take a vote on the monuments removal Monday night.