District Attorney Dismisses Charges Against Charlotte Man Tased 11 Times By Richmond County Deputy

ROCKINGHAM — Stephens Sings says a simple question about his son ended with him being wrestled to the ground and tased 11 times.

The incident happened in Richmond County last December during a football game in Rockingham.  Sings says a Richmond County Sheriff’s Deputy detained his son as he attempted to enter the game.

Sings asked that deputy about his son, and that’s when the situation got out of control.  That night, Sings was arrested and faced 13 charges, including assault on an officer, and resisting arrest.

“I’m so excited that I’m here to be able to speak, because the way they tased me, I could’ve died,” says Sings.

Sings’ attorney says his civil rights were violated, now the family plans to file a civil lawsuit in hopes of keeping something like this from happening to anyone else.

In addition to filing a lawsuit, Sings wants every deputy involved in this case fired.

The SBI is now investigating.