Charlotte City Council Releases More in “Cares Act” Stimulus Funds

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Charlotte City Leaders are releasing more federal stimulus money under the “Cares Act.”

The funding includes half a million dollars for indoor music venues that remain closed amid the ongoing pandemic.

Around $25 million more will go toward those struggling right now.

It comes after council previously allocated $154 million back in May.

Much of the relief targets small businesses and local organizations with:

  • $5 million for highly impacted sectors, like small business
  • $3 million for hotels
  • $3 million for arts organizations
  • $2 million for non-profits

Under housing relief:

  • $2.5 million for homeless shelter support
  • $3.5 million for helping people pay utility bills
  • $4 million for helping people pay rent

For more information on how to apply for “Cares Act” money: Click here