Stanly County Third Grade Teacher Dies After Recently Contracting COVID-19

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Vicki Calvert, the interim superintendent for Stanly County Schools, released the following information to WCCB:

There has been misinformation reported in the timeline and contact tracing data concerning the details involving the death of Mrs. Julie Davis. To be clear, there is no information from the local health department indicating Mrs. Davis contracted the COVID-19 virus from any staff member or student on campus. We request all reports be verified to maintain the integrity of both your reporting and our school district’s responsibility to accurate public information.

Out of respect for the family, we are not able to discuss the details of her illness. We can provide, however, that Mrs. Davis self-quarantined when she began to experience symptoms on Friday, September 25th.  After the District received confirmation of a positive result on Sunday, September 27th, our school nurses worked with the Stanly County Health Department on contact tracing and determined the measures that needed to be taken to mitigate the spread of the virus.  Staff and students that were considered a close contact were quarantined.  To date, none of the quarantined staff members or students have become symptomatic or tested positive.  Based on the information provided by our local health department, Mrs. Davis did not contract the virus at school.  Since the start of school, Ms. Davis is one of only two confirmed cases of employees or students at Norwood Elementary School.  The other confirmed case was a student in another grade level who quarantined on September 3rd due to a close contact in the community. The student later developed symptoms and tested positive. The student did not return to school before testing positive. Mrs. Davis and this particular student never had close contact at school with each other. In fact, they were in separate buildings. 

Our student services team met on October 4th with district and school administration.  We implemented a plan for responding to this tragic event focused on helping our students, their families, and our staff.  This plan has evolved from the district’s experience with loss in the past and the advice of mental health professionals from the community.  We know the students and staff will react in different ways to the death of one of our revered teachers.  We all should expect and try to understand that there will be a variety of emotions and responses to what has occurred. The most important thing we can do is to be supportive and encourage the open expression of feelings.

Our teachers and counselors have been briefed on our plans and will receive guidelines for discussing death and reactions to it. There are district personnel available to students who need special attention and support. There is also help available in the community. We will try to maintain as normal a routine and structure as the situation and people allow.  We kindly ask that the media be respectful of our staff and students in their grieving process.  Media will not be allowed on campus.

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Original Story (Posted: October 5, 2020):

STANLY COUNTY, N.C. — A Stanly County teacher has died after family members say she recently contracted coronavirus.

Julie Davis taught third grade at Norwood Elementary. She was at the school for two years.

Stanly County Interim Superintendent Vicki Calvert says Davis was an inspirational teacher who brought joy into the lives of the students, staff and community.

Many Norwood third graders are learning remotely due to close contact with a staff member that tested positive.

Students began remote learning September 30th.

Students will be able to return to the classroom October 9th.

Under Plan B guidelines students have been going to school in-person since the school year began.