Trapped In Paradise: A Charlotte Couple’s Terrifying Brush With Hurricane Delta

CHARLOTTE, NC. — What was supposed to be a relaxing and romantic anniversary vacation in paradise, turning dangerous. Charlotte couple Vinny and Diane Esposito were staying in a resort in Cancun, Mexico on Tuesday. When they found out Hurricane Delta was heading their way.

“We found out that there was going to be a storm hitting and it was a hurricane two, then it got to a three, then I got to a four and then they were like, we’re evacuating,” says Diane Esposito.

The couple evacuated to a nearby university about 25 minutes inland. The building’s windows were boarded. A generator kept the lights on. Their bed for the night was the ceramic floors.

“We had about 300 people, it was about 80° to 90° in there and all we got was a sheet and a pillow and it was ceramic tile and everybody just had to stay low and that was it.”

She says it was difficult to physically distance and stay safe during a pandemic. They wore masks and washed their hands often.

The storm made landfall as a Category 2 hurricane. Outside, howling winds.

“In the middle of the night we would hear what really sounded like a freight train. I’ve never experienced a hurricane before like that.”

The next morning the couple bused back to the resort. Diane says the damage was devastating.

“The billboards, the trees I mean everything was down. The flooding.”