A UNC Charlotte Black Student Union Meeting Interrupted By Racial Slurs & Derogatory Language

CHARLOTTE, NC.– A video shows just a snippet of what happened during a UNC Charlotte Black Student Union meeting Tuesday night. The Vice President of the organization says the zoom crashers were imitating Russian and Spanish accents, using profanity and:

“Then they start using derogatory language. The n-word and things of that nature,” says Vice President of the organization Jeshaiah Moore.

Moore says the meetings are open to all UNC Charlotte students.

“The hackers or zoom crashers, as people may refer to them as, were of course hiding behind fake names.”

Moore says after many failed attempts to remove them, she finally got them off the zoom call.

“It was very hard for me to kind of navigate zoom, click on those participants’ names and press the remove button because the names just kept moving around.”

Shocked and in disbelief, the group continued the meeting.

“We’re not gonna stop because that’s what they want, that’s the effect that they want to have on us and we’re going to be resilient, we’re going to be strong.”

Moore says they alerted the Dean, the Chancellor and the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, along with the Student Government Association. Moore believes the zoom crashers targeted her group.

“Obviously some form of hate crime. We are titled the Black Student Union and I feel like it’s very obvious that it’s a group of colored students getting together and discussing something.”

Moore says an incident bias report has been filed, and the university has started investigating to find out the students responsible.