Edge On The Clock: Woman Runs 5:25 Mile While 9 Months Pregnant

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – A pregnant woman ran a mile in under six minutes – a week before her due date. 28-year-old Makenna Myler, who’s originally from Australia but now lives in California, says her husband bet her $100 she couldn’t break an eight-minute mile while nine months pregnant. She took the bet and crushed it by two-and-a-half minutes, coming in at five minutes, 25 seconds.

Plus, National Boss’s Day was last Friday but in case you missed it, Coke has a way that you can honor them. The company is giving away a year’s supply of Diet Coke, complete with a mini-fridge. The good news is you don’t have to report directly to your nominee: the only requirement is it has to be someone who has “gone beyond the call of duty to take on all that 2020 has entailed like a true boss.”

And, Reese’s is launching a hands-free candy give-away promotion this Halloween so kids can trick-or-treat safely. The Reese’s “Trick-or-Treat Door” is designed to roll through neighborhoods via remote control and dispense peanut butter cups upon request. The nine-foot robotic contraption announces its presence with smoke, Halloween lights, and a spooky soundtrack.

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