More Than 100 CMS Teachers Have Resigned Since The Start Of The School Year

CHARLOTTE, NC. —  Since the beginning of the school year, 127 Charlotte-Mecklenburg School teachers have resigned. One teacher tells WCCB more are coming, as the district shifts to in-person learning. That teacher wants to remain anonymous.

“I do not feel safe going back into the building and I am leaving,” the teacher says.

The CMS rediness dashboard shows eight students out of the 2,700 who are currently learning in-person tested positive for COVID from October 17th to the 23rd. Along with 16 staff members out of about 19,000. The district does not report the schools impacted.

“It’s wrong. We need to know.”

Kindergarten through 5th grade students will be back in the classroom next week. Despite a rise in local covid cases and a shortage of school nurses. Middle school students return on November 3rd and high school students in January.

“I have really seen so many teachers that are just done. They’re tired of adding extra work.”

The district, saying it has adequate staffing to re-open elementary schools, despite being short around 25 nurses.

“The school efforts that have been put in place are ones that we are very comfortable with,” Mecklenburg Co. Health Director Gibbie Harris told school board members on Wednesday night.

Harris says the risk for spread in the classroom is low.

“We’re not even seeing much spread in the classroom in colleges. It’s the activity outside the classroom. And that’s the challenge,” Harris told board members.