In Typical 2020 Fashion, There Will Be A Full Moon On Halloween

The second full moon of the month is on Halloween!

The second full moon of the month will arrive on Halloween! Since this is the second full moon in one month it is known as the Blue Moon.

Full Moon Graphic

How rare is a Halloween full moon? The last time a Halloween full moon appeared was for the Central and Pacific time zones in 2001. According to NASA, they occur every 19 years so the next Halloween full moon won’t occur until 2039. After that, 2058, 2077, and 2096.

A few notes about the Blue Moon:

  • It will not appear Blue!
  • This Full Moon is also known as the Hunter’s Moon.
  • The moon rises at 6:49 PM.

For more information on the Blue Moon check out Wilson’s World Homeschool.