Mecklenburg County Board Of Elections To Begin Counting Absentee Ballots Friday

CHARLOTTE, NC. —   North Carolina GOP Chairman Michael Whatley was in Charlotte Thursday night. Accusing the State Board of Elections of not being transparent.

“Their refusal to acknowledge the fact that President Donald Trump is carrying North Carolina,” says Whatley, “The reason that they’re not being transparent is because they want to make sure that they keep North Carolina in the undecided column for their national press and their national narratives.”

WCCB reached out to the state board of elections for a response.

A spokesperson says: “The State Board of Elections has never – and will never – “Call” an election for any candidate. As required by law, the state board will certify the election on November 24 after all ballots are counted and all statutorily required audits are complete. That is not new or different this year.” 

The State Board of Elections is waiting to see if 116,000 outstanding requested absentee ballots are returned by November 12. The legal ballots must have been postmarked by election day. It’s also working to verify more than 40,000 provisional ballots

“We just want to follow our process. We don’t want to leave anything out, we want to make sure we hit all our marks. Which we’re doing,” says Michael Dickerson.

Dickerson is the Mecklenburg County Elections Director. He says it’s important to be accurate and make sure they count every vote.

“I understand everybody’s angst. I know everybody is eager to find out what this is. But we have to follow the procedures.”