North Carolina Tennis Association Launches ‘Try Tennis Toolkit’ Supporting Underserved Communities

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The North Carolina Tennis Association (NCTA) launches a ‘Try Tennis Toolkit’ to provide tennis equipment to underserved members in the community looking to get involved in the sport, according to a news release.

Officials with Community Tennis Associations (CTAs) across North Carolina say they are partnering with local businesses to give out the toolkits to these underserved families.

The ‘Try Tennis Toolkit’ includes four rackets, a net, compression balls, and instructions on how to play, according to a news release.

Officials say the new toolkit provides families a safe and fun activity option amid the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

One of the Raleigh Tennis Association’s (RTA) outreach partners, Swing Racquet + Paddle, say they helped purchase 25 toolkits for families in need, which the RTA matched.

“Because of their donation, deserving families and community-based programs in diverse, underserved communities will now receive 50 Try Tennis® Toolkits,” RTA Executive Director Julie Dick said.

Officials with the Asheville Tennis Association (ATA) say they partnered with Brian Elston Law and other community sponsors to provide 65 toolkits to families.

“Delivering the toolkits to many low-income families and seeing the happiness the toolkits created served as a stark reminder of how fortunate we are,” ATA President Jeff Joyce said. “This project gave the ATA a way to try and grow the sport of tennis in a very different and unique way.”

Anyone looking to purchase a ‘Try Tennis Toolkit,’ or to donate a toolkit to a family in need can click here for more information.