Local Election Worker Tests Positive For COVID-19

CHARLOTTE, NC. —  Melissa Robinson will be spending her 40th birthday in bed, quarantined.

“It totally knocks you out and knocks you down. I’ve had, what the doctors consider, a mild case and I feel the sickest that I’ve ever been in my life,” says Robinson.

Robinson was a poll worker at York County Precinct 2 on election day. She worked from six in the morning until 7:30 at night. She started feeling sick the Saturday following the election, on a walk.

“And then all of a sudden I had the worst asthma attack I’ve ever had in my life. In addition to not being able to breathe my whole body was giving out on me, my vision got so blurry that I couldn’t even see.”

She tested positive for COVID-19 a week after working at the polls.

“I was only there for that one day but it could easily have been somebody that had it and was asymptomatic and didn’t know or thought they were just having allergies and ended up having this.”

She says she isn’t the only one.

WCCB Charlotte obtained an email sent to Robinson and other poll workers at precinct 2 saying in part:
“It has come to my attention that one of your fellow workers has tested positive for COVID. We are unsure when the person may have become infected or if they were positive during the election. We did, however, want to let you know you may have been in contact with a COVID positive person.”

Robinson says the county did everything it could to keep poll workers safe.

“We all were required to go through a specific COVID training on how to keep us safe, how to keep the voter safe. The county provided us with masks and gloves and face shields.”