Selwyn Pub Temporarily Closes, Issues Statement After Being Cited For COVID-19 Restriction Violation

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A popular hangout in Myers Parks has temporarily closed after being cited for a COVID-19 restriction violation.  On November 16th, Selwyn Pub posted the following information on their Instagram page:

Dear Selwyn Pub Patrons,

We have been carefully monitoring the changing environment and have decided to temporarily close all operations including takeout.  Fortunately, our team members are healthy and this temporary closure is not related to any COVID-19 test of COVID-19 symptoms.  Instead, we deem it prudent to stay safe during the current surge and return to operations when conditions are more favorable.  We will continue to conduct cleaning, sanitizing, and training during the interim.  The Health Department, along with other state and local authorities have been very helpful in guiding us through this challenging period of our 30 year history.  We are committed to health, safety, and satisfaction of our patrons, our team members and our community.  Hope to see you soon! 

Within the last two days, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department confirmed to WCCB Charlotte’s CW that Selwyn Pub was issued a citation for a COVID-19 restriction violation.  The Mecklenburg County Health Department then released the following information to WCCB:

– Mecklenburg County did not reach out to Selwyn Pub to address specific videos on social media. However, the department did reach out to address concerns brought to our attention by a citizen, to include occupancy and social distancing.

– The Mecklenburg County COVID Ambassadors were asked to contact this establishment and conducted 4 onsite visits to Selwyn Avenue Pub at 2801 Selwyn Avenue between the dates of 11/1/2020 and 11/14/2020.

– Selwyn Avenue Pub ownership spoke with our COVID Ambassador Supervisor on 11/14/2020 regarding the lack of social distancing, volume of people and general concern for public safety.

– CMPD was contacted by the supervisor (11/14/2020) to complete a follow-up visit due to the lack of compliance noted by the COVID Ambassadors.

On November 18th, Selwyn Pub posted the following information on their Instagram page:

Citation Details

Despite our best efforts, it is true that Selwyn Pub has recently received a citation for violating the North Carolina Executive Order.  We were not overcrowded and sincerely believed that we were following the letter and intent of the Executive Order.  Here are the facts:

The Executive Order allows restaurants like Selwyn Pub to operate at 50% capacity.

In an excess of caution and attempt to encourage social distancing, we voluntarily limit our capacity to 37%

We require all patrons to ear masks to enter and while they are not seated at a table or consuming food and beverages.

The Mecklenburg County Health Department released the following statement:

Mecklenburg County Public Health appreciates the cooperation of and decision to voluntarily suspend operations by Selwyn Avenue Pub management. Our team of COVID-19 Ambassadors have effectively provided education, guidance and support to more than 1,500 organizations in our community. COVID-19 Ambassadors do not have any enforcement authority and often engage CMPD when there are potentially concerning circumstances. COVID-19 Ambassadors also do not issue citations nor make recommendations for citations. We look forward to continued partnership with Selwyn Ave Pub and all businesses in our community as we work to slow the spread of COVID-19 and reopen safely.

The 50% occupancy limits for restaurants outlined in the Governor’s Executive Order 163 are not applicable as Selwyn Avenue Pub has not been properly permitted to operate as a restaurant. As per the Governor’s Executive Order 169, bars are limited to 30% capacity outdoors and seated-service only. The Governor’s Executive Orders are clear and consistently reiterate that bars and similar establishments are restricted to seated service and guests should be appropriately distanced while seated. The Executive Order further authorizes local law enforcement to enforce these restrictions.

Excerpt from Executive Order 169, Page 3:

“WHEREAS, for these reasons and others, it is prudent to continue to limit Bar operation by requiring that all Guests be seated at tables and counters, separating Guests so that different groups are socially distanced, and by closing all indoor seating areas”

For now, Selwyn Pub remains closed.  There is no timeline on when they will reopen.  In the last week, North Carolina has seen the highest increase in positive COVID-19 cases to date.  Get more details about current cases in North Carolina by clicking HERE.

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Selwyn Pub – Photo Credit: Instagram