COVID-19 Cases In CMS Are Increasing

CHARLOTTE, NC. — Steve Oreskovic teaches 8th grade social studies. He doesn’t understand why CMS is moving forward with its plan to bring more students back to the classroom.

“Things are getting worse, why are we doing this? Is it really worth risking lives to do this or long term sickness,” says Oreskovic.

The district’s metrics dashboard shows 30 of the more than 41,000 students who are back to in-person learning tested positive last week. 60 of the more than 19,000 staffers currently working in schools also tested positive.That’s double the week before.

The school board decided earlier this month to delay the return of in-person learning for most middle schoolers until January 5th. A smaller number of middle schoolers who go to k-8 schools will return on November 30th.

Community superintendent Kathy Elling telling the district today:

“We are monitoring our statistics closely in  conversation with the health department and we would strongly encourage everyone in our community to follow the protocols that are in place,” says Elling.

Gloria Currah is the parent of an 11th grader at Myers Park High School. Her COVID concerns are heightened because her 89-year-old grandmother lives with them.

“I think that it’s a huge mistake to bring kids back to campus  at this stage in the game,” says Currah.