CMS Board of Education Voted Unanimously To Allow Superintendent To Move Individual Schools To Remote Learning

CHARLOTTE, NC. — The Board of Education decided Tuesday CMS Superintendent Earnest Winston can now move individual schools to remote learning if:

– Mecklenburg County Health Department directs a school building to be closed.
– If CMS staff has health and safety concerns.
– If Superintendent Winston determines staffing levels at a school are too low.

“Staffing could be impacted through a number of things, vacancies at a particular school. It could also be impacted by the number of staff members who are on leave. It could also be impacted by positive cases,” says Superintendent Winston.

A CMS spokesperson tells WCCB Metro School and Charlotte-Mecklenburg Academy were closed today due to staffing issues. I’m told several employees were on leave and a significant number of staff is quarantined due to COVID exposure. Both schools have students with disabilities.

“Given the student population at the schools, it was not as easy to bring staff members from other schools or substitutes into those situations to be able to cover for those staff members who were not in the building.”

The district’s metrics dashboard shows 30 of the more than 41,000 students who are back to in-person learning tested positive last week. 60 of the more than 19,000 staffers currently working in schools also tested positive.

Amanda Thompson-Rice is a CMS educator and parent. She wants the district to be proactive and believes full remote learning is the safest option.

“Today’s meeting, I was very much stunned, very disappointed and frustrated. You can’t say you care about a school district, you can’t say you care about your staff and your students because those things are action words and your actions are currently showing us differently,” says Thompson-Rice.