Inside the Magic of “Lights” at USNWC

Artist Meredith Connelly talks about her inspiration for the 2nd edition of her popular light installation

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A walk into artist Meredith Connelly’s illuminated woodland vision will transport you briefly out of 2020 and into an enchanting forest aglow.  “Lights,” the popular light installation at the U. S. National Whitewater Center makes its much anticipated return this November through February 2021.  For its second year, Connelly has chosen a new trail on which to incorporate her work, changing how the art interacts with the environment and allowing for new and interactive pieces.  “I’m playing with the idea of growth over time…walking on a different path,” says Connelly.  She says her goal as an artist is to always “bring light into a space.”  In a year where we’ve been bombarded by darkness, says Connelly, “hopefully the viewer may find more meaning in it this year.”

To see more work by Meredith Connelly and behind the scenes of the creation of “Lights,” visit her website or instagram.