Six Questions To Ask Your Auto Repair Tech Before Service

Does the thought of bringing your car in for auto repairs make your palms start to sweat, no matter how simple the repairs will be? You’re not the only one. Plenty of car owners get anxiety about auto repairs because it’s usually uncertain just how much it’ll cost to get the job done and how long you’ll be without your vehicle. At Toyota of N Charlotte, we firmly believe that (besides offering the best auto care around) it’s our job to help our customers feel as comfortable as possible every time they visit. That’s why our auto repair techs have come up with a list of six questions you should ask your mechanic before your car care starts.

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What to ask your auto repair tech

#1: What’s the process?

What’s the process going to be from start to finish? Will the auto repair shop be in touch with the insurance company after you file the claim, or will you have to act as a messenger? What about progress – will the shop keep in touch to let you know how the repairs are coming? Get a clear idea of how things will go from start to finish to ease some of your worries.

#2: How long will it take?

After the auto repair shop has taken a look at your car and seen the damage or repairs needed, they should be able to give you an estimate of how long it’ll take to fix. This is important so you can gauge whether or not you need a rental car, so be sure to ask.

#3: Do you offer warranties?

At Toyota of N Charlotte, we offer warranties on both paint and workmanship. You should always ask which warranties are available for both parts and labor to give you peace of mind. These are also helpful when you sell down the road.

#4: Can you tow to your shop?

It doesn’t hurt to ask if the auto repair shop you’ve chosen has towing capabilities. This can streamline the process of getting your car where it needs to be if you can’t drive it and can even possibly save you some money. You’ll also be able to rest assured that someone you trust is transporting your car.

#5: What type of parts will you use?

At Toyota of N Charlotte, we only use OEM Toyota parts to repair your Toyota car. This keeps your car a Toyota, helps keep resale value high, and offers you more reliability in the future.

#6: Can you help me find a rental car?

Ask if your auto repair shop can help you find a rental car while your car is in the shop. At Toyota of N Charlotte, we partner with a rental car agency to make the process as easy as possible.

And don’t forget, it’s always wise to request a written record of the auto repairs performed. You can reference them for future problems and also give them to the next owner of your car should you sell down the road.

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