Auditorium At Theatre Charlotte Significantly Damaged By Fire

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Another blow to an organization already deeply impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.  Theatre Charlotte tells WCCB their auditorium was significantly damaged by a fire that broke out around 2am on Monday, December 28th.

Officials with Theatre Charlotte say they believe the cause of the fire appears to be electrical and possibly started from one of their HVAC units.  The security system detected the fire and alerted police and the fire department quickly.

The fire caused significant damage to the auditorium and smoke damage throughout the building which is located on Queens Road.  Most of the seats and floor on the House Right side of the theatre were lost, according to officials.

Fire and water damage to the ceiling in the auditorium are extensive and may cause sections to collapse.  Officials with Theatre Charlotte say their sound and light boards, as well as other equipment, wires, and cabling were also badly damaged or destroyed.

No one was in the building when the fire broke out and no one was injured.  Theatre Charlotte told WCCB they want to thank the first responders who acted quickly to save the building and specifically Fire Station 6 who had taken time over the years to visit and learn the ins and outs of the building for this very purpose.

Theatre Charlotte is taking donations while they plan their next steps in the recovery process.