Edge On The Clock: Netflix’s New Leftover Cooking Competition

Netflix's latest cooking competition involves your leftovers

Netflix is coming up with new ways for you to re-purpose your leftovers. The streaming platform is releasing a new cooking competition series called Best Leftovers Ever. Three skilled cooks will compete for over two rounds creating new dishes out of leftovers. The first episode will be available December 30th.

Plus, a Russian luxury goods brand has made the Airpod Max’s $550 price tag look like a bargain. Caviar, which specializes in taking mainstream products and putting an extravagant spin on them, has unveiled a a pair of solid gold Airpod Max for $108,000. They’re covered in crocodile leather and 750 gold.

And the beloved children’s character Peppa P has earned herself a powerful enemy…Cardi B. Cardi says she has an issue with Peppa’s partiality to puddles because it encourages her daughter Kulture to jump in them when she sees them. Which in turn messes up the Ugg boots she bought for her two-year-old. Cardi tweeted in part, “Darn you Peppa, count your days.”


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