Local Therapist Finding Relief For Her Business From Barstool Sports

CHARLOTTE, NC. — Sherille Barber turns no one away, even if they can’t pay.

“I’ve had clients walk in who can’t afford anything, once in a while they may just give me a bald up five dollar bill that they had in their pocket. They just wanna be able to say they did something,” says Barber.

The Charlotte therapist has three offices, that means three rent payments. While still paying her staff.  Her business was impacted by COVID because not all clients can do virtual sessions.

“And a lot of that was coming out of my pocket out of my savings, credit cards. As we moved into January one of my leases, as opposed to offering relief, it went up.”

While watching a YouTuber she follows, Barber heard about help from Barstool Sports. The national digital media company’s founder, David Portnoy. created a fund to help small businesses across the country. Raising more than $10 million so far.

Barber applied Saturday. On Sunday she got a Facetime call from Portnoy himself.

“He said what you put in your letter, we will honor. It is done.”

What she requested: rent and payroll for her employees. Portnoy told her that would be covered for the foreseeable future.

“Just about to burst on the inside. Like a kid at Christmas. I’m maintaining my cool, on the inside, I’m like I just cannot believe this. It’s unbelievable.”