The Snark: The Bachelor’s “Queen,” 90 Day Fiancé Hustles, Binge Drinkers, and a Bad Choice of Names

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It’s an all new year and an all new Snark with the season premiere of The Bachelor and we get to meet “The Queen” of classic falls, obnoxious attitude and bad accessorizing.

On 90 Day Fiancé we look in on 52 year old Stephanie who is getting hustled by keeping up her 27 year old fiancé and his entire family who  lives in Belize.  We then head to Yara and Jovi’s newly re-decorated New Orleans apartment where the conversation takes a toilet turn.

Just who are binge drinkers and what does this have to do with Washington, D.C.?

A case in point for naming your child…thanks to a drunk  named Jethro Geneus and his backpack of “baking” ingredients we find that the sentiment “what’s in a name?” should be taken seriously.

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