Anna Wintour Defends Controversial Vogue Cover Of Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris

CHARLOTTE, NC. – After receiving widespread backlash over Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris’ Vogue cover, the magazine’s Editor-In-Chief Anna Wintour is speaking out. She spoke on the Sway podcast and said, in part, “I just want to reiterate that it was absolutely not our intention to, in any way, diminish the importance of the Vice President-Elect’s incredible victory. When the two images arrived at Vogue, all of us felt very, very strongly that the less formal portrait of the Vice President-Elect really reflected the moment that we were living in, which we were in the midst, as we still are, of the most appalling pandemic that is taking lives by the minute.”

Needless to say, not everyone was happy with Wintour’s explanation, some even suggesting it’s time for her to hang it up. Twitter users wrote things like, “I hate to say it, but Anna Wintour needs to step down and let someone else run Vogue,” and “Anna Wintour is wrong!”

Our question of the night: is it time for Anna Wintour to pass the baton?

This episode’s panel features:
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WCCB News Edge producer Brandon Refour