CMS Board Of Education Having Emergency Meeting To Possibly Revise In-Person Learning Plan

CHARLOTTE, NC. — CMS Board of Education will have an emergency meeting Thursday morning to possibly revise its plan for K-12 students to return to in-person learning next week. The board saying this is based on the directive from the county health department. 79 people voiced their opinions and concerns to the board, including CMS parent and educator Amanda Thompson-Rice.

“We know that for us to be safe being remote is the best thing right. I also think that CMS not ready,” says Thompson-Rice.

Thompson-Rice says the district needs to follow the data, with increased hospitalizations and troubling covid metrics. The CMS metrics dashboard shows 82 schools had at least one covid case over the last 14 days. Last week, 46 students and 98 staffers tested positive.

”I am afraid for my colleagues and I really hope and believe that the people making decisions are putting science first but also putting humanity in morality first as well.”

Melissa Easley is a former CMS teacher and CMS parent. She says schools are not ready for in-person learning.

“No matter what you say our schools are not ready. We have teachers who don’t have windows, we have teachers who are in schools that have poor air conditioning and we have teachers and schools that I’ve never been fixed,” Easley says.

Some teachers and parents are pushing for in-person learning.  Amy Class teaches first grade in CMS and is a CMS parent.

“But the students are suffering. Not only academically but socially. I believe that we need to do all we can to get these kids back in school,” says Class.

Class says students can be back in the classroom safely.

“The students are following the protocols even in kindergarten and first grade. The data continues to support the schools are not the super spreading places that we once thought they would be.”