Freezing Fog Is In The Forecast. What Is It?

With temperatures below freezing and fog developing overnight - we could see a small amount of freezing fog on Wednesday morning.

You have probably seen Freezing Fog before without even realizing it. Kaitlin Wright Meteorologist is forecasting the chance for it tomorrow morning and explains:

With temperatures dropping below freezing and fog likely developing overnight much of the WCCB area could see what is called Freezing Fog. Freezing Fog is just fog, but when the surface temperatures are at or below freezing, water droplets in the fog are supercooled. These supercooled water droplets will then freeze on contact with a surface that is at or below freezing – this causes what is called Rime ice.

Think of freezing fog as a freezing drizzle. Do I think it will look like a winter wonderland outside? No! Wednesday morning across the WCCB area, we are looking at possible Rime ice on surfaces such as trees, cars, hand railings and possibly on bridges and overpasses. As with any dense fog event, be careful on the roads and maybe allow a few extra minutes for your morning commute.