The Snark: A Tone Deaf Island Party Crasher, the Tin Man in Drag, Bezo’s Big Gift, Hotel Confusion, and Valentine Kisses


The crew of Below Deck is enjoying a much needed day off when their island party gets crashed by a chef who can’t carry a tune…or hold her liquor.

A contestant on RuPaul’s Drag Race takes on the Wizard of Oz.

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos celebrated his birthday by giving his employees a little something extra…a really, really little something.

Locked  yourself out of a hotel room?  If you did, a survey says you are probably a half asleep guy looking for a bathroom.

An author of a self help book on love and life says that instead of giving a gift on Valentine’s Day men should learn how to kiss better and then gives guys some tips. But Derek his own tips…which may be a better option if you want to keep your girl…and your life.

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