Climber Survives 100-Foot Fall Off Looking Glass Rock

Two climbers, including the one that fell, were rescued an hour after rescue teams arrived Thursday afternoon.

Medical Ambulance

TRANSYLVANIA COUNTY, N.C. — One person is recovering in the ICU after falling over 100 feet from the top of Looking Glass Rock Thursday afternoon, according to rescue teams.

**Looking Glass Rock Final Update**

Yesterday afternoon, around 2:00, we were dispatched to Looking Glass Rock for a…

Posted by Transylvania County Rescue Squad on Friday, January 15, 2021

According to the Transylvania County Rescue Squad, teams from both Transylvania County and neighboring Henderson County arrived shortly after 2 PM Thursday afternoon and were able to rescue two climbers off of the face of the rock by 3:15 PM without further injury.

Looking Glass Rock

Aerial view of Looking Glass Rock, courtesy of Karsten Delap and

The unnamed climber who fell was airlifted to a local trauma center shortly after. The exact condition of the fallen climber is unknown, but he is still alive as of Friday evening. The other climber, who did not fall, was stuck on a ledge 200 feet above the ground. The second climber was rescued with mild hypothermia but refused treatment after being warmed in a rescuer’s car.

This is not the first incident at the popular hiking and climbing destination. In February of 2019, a different climber fell nearly 150 feet off of the face of the rock. Remarkably, after a five-hour rescue, this climber also survived.

Located in extreme southwestern North Carolina, approximately 35 miles southwest of Asheville, Looking Glass Rock is classified as a monolith nearly 4,000′ above sea level. Its prominence, or height compared to the nearest valley, is over 850 feet. The monolith can be accessed through the Looking Glass Rock Trail, which climbs roughly 1,700′ in the span of a one-way, 3.5-mile path.