Edge On The Clock: First Batman Comic Sells For $2.2M

Batman number one comic sells for millions. It was originally purchased in the 1940s and features the first appearances of The Joker and Catwoman.

A record has been set for the most expensive Batman comic book to ever be sold publicly. Someone bought a near mint condition issue of the Batman Number One for a whopping $2.2m. The vintage issue was published in 1940 and features the first appearances of iconic villains The Joker and Catwoman.

Colombia’s best-known drug trafficker, Pablo Escobar may have been killed in 1993 but his influence continues to be felt in the country. According to a new study by researchers at Mexican universities, Hippopotami brought to Colombia as part of Escobar’s private zoo at his ranch, have bred so successfully over the years and still contain cocaine in their blood. Researchers are worried they could possibly impact the environment by damaging crops, oxygen levels in the water, and becoming more aggressive with humans.

A hacker has reportedly attempted to trap the genitals of people using an app-controlled sex toy cage. According to The Sun, the cyber-criminal demanded 750 Bitcoin before they would consider releasing victims from the Cellmate contraption. It’s unclear how many people were targeted in the attack but none of the users were wearing it at the time of the attack.

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