Some CMS Parents Struggling With Remote Learning

CHARLOTTE, NC. — Whitney Morrow has three children at Huntersville Elementary School. The single mom helps them learn remotely while also trying to work part-time to make ends meet. She doesn’t get to her work until her children are done with school.

“The time that I should be able to devote to them, just attention, I can’t because I am done having to pick up my workday at home and entertain them at the same time. A lot of times it’s a circus it’s a balancing act,” Morrow says.

She says the CMS Board of Education’s decision to extend remote learning until at least February 12th felt like a punch in the stomach. Morrow worries it will impact their social and emotional development. Right now, she can’t afford daycare or a group learning pod.

“It is heartbreaking to watch her five-year-old scream and cry and say that he hates learning. When he should love learning right now.”

Dr. Farnk Gaskill is a psychologist. His advice to Morrow and other parents struggling with remote learning:

“Schedule, routines, to-do list and have a few zoom meetings with her friends just be honest and open and share the concern and just get it out,” says Dr. Gaskill.

He says having a to-list also helps you focus on the things you can control.