The Snark: Hangovers Below Deck, Bachelorette vs the Jets, Pelosi’s Operating System, Losing the Pants, and Pot Head Parishioners

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On an all new Below Deck those drunken antics from Rachel on her day off come back to haunt her the next day.

Bad news that we saw coming from The Bachlorette …where the 18% success rate of the couples staying together turns out to be better than the New York Jets odds of winning a game.  (Sorry Nicole)

A woman who stole Nancy Pelosi’s laptop during the insurrection at the Capitol was disappointed when she found out the laptop’s operating system was as old as Pelosi.

Weird news from China…a man shows up at the airport with no pants….and we still have no idea why.

Weirder news from Bulgaria where police arrested a priest for providing his parishioners with a little pot to go along with his sermon.

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