A Man Sentenced To Prison After Shooting & Killing South Charlotte Restaurant Cook

CHARLOTTE, NC. — Eddie Doh pleaded guilty to shooting and killing Darnell Harris and injuring a customer in July of 2019. Prosecutors say Harris was killed while protecting coworkers during a robbery at the Steak n Shake on South Blvd. Doh will spend at least 30 years behind bars. In court, he apologized to the family.

“I pray that you forgive me. I feel terrible about what happened. I truly do,” says Doh.

Harris’ brother says 30 years in prison isn’t enough time.

“It’s not any easier. They say time heals all wounds. I haven’t found that time yet,” says Harris’ brother Brenden Ruffin.

Harris’s best friend says although they are still angry, they have been leaning on community support to get through this.

“Absolutely angered. But what I know about my God is that we are at peace. And he takes care of everything we don’t have to live in fear,” says Harris’ best friend, Anthony Townsend.