Hollywood Movers & Shakers Cut The COVID Vaccine Line

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – As coronavirus vaccines trickle out across the country and new infections and deaths rise, some Hollywood power players are using their clout and connections to be amongst the first to get vaccinated. Variety reports that numerous high-flying executives and deal makers have been going through private physicians and concierge services to receive one of the two established COVID-19 vaccines. Variety did not name any names, but rapper Cardi B is offering up some insight as to how some influential figures may have access to private healthcare.

The rapper took to Twitter to say that being tested for COVID is becoming a new business. She says she gets tested four times a week, as well as her glam and management team, and that each test is $250.

But as most of us know, the tests are free, which is also what Twitter users said. Cardi acknowledged, yes, the tests are free when you go to the doctor’s office, but not when you test people at your home, or in her line of work. Cardi recently revealed that $100,000 of the $1M budget for the WAP music video was spent on COVID testing.

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