Edge On The Clock: Floyd Mayweather Agrees To Fight 50 Cent

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Floyd Mayweather is down to fight 50 Cent. The 43-year-old boxing champ took to Instagram Thursday to respond to an interview 50 Cent did last week, saying he would be down to meet in the ring in an exhibition-style match. 50 Cent pointed out that their weight classes don’t match, but says he could get down to 180 pounds. Mayweather says he does not care about weight class.

Plus, flattery will get you everywhere, but maybe not out of jail. Just ask defendant Demetrius Lewis who tried to flirt with his judge during a court appearance in Florida on Thursday.

And, actress Salma Hayek will be taking on a new project at HBO Max: a series adaptation of the novel titled A Boob’s Life: How America’s Obsession Shaped Me — And You by Leslie Lehr.

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