Hidden Gems of CLT: Greystone Pub

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On this week’s Hidden Gems of Charlotte, Alex visits Greystone Pub.

We all know Charlotte is a new and growing city. Sometimes you hear the typical complaints: where’s the character? Charlotte barley has any history!

But Tommy Koutsokalis is here to prove those naysayers wrong.

“People are like, hey Tommy what are you do something with the sign or do this or do that. I’m like no, I enjoy the whole divey feel of the place. I don’t try to go and do something I don’t know or that I’m comfortable with,” says Koutsokalis.

He’s the owner of the oldest dive bar in Charlotte, Greystone Pub. A family affair opened in 1947 by none other than his grandpa.

“It started off where my grandfather just did a few items for food to sell and then he took it over and started doing pizza for me to be a decade and then it became a steak place. Then my dad took it over and started doing breakfast full dining. So it’s always evolved with the city,” says Koutsokalis.

Tommy grew up coming here. He took over the dive bar 12 years ago, now serving the typical draft beers and vodka sodas but also Greek American food. “Gyro, and we have stuff like pitas, build your own bowl. Burgers just a little bit of everything, ” says Koutsokalis.

Even though the food evolves the history of this place goes deep. Embedded in Tommy’s family.

“When my grandfather took over we had a guy for instance, Mr. Willet, and his grandkids still come here and drink with me now.
So you’re talking about three generations,” says Koutsokalis.

It’s clear to Tommy the Charlotte community matters.

Tommy says running the business through COVID has been difficult although he says more people are getting take out and trying the food.

If you want more information about Greystone Pub click HERE.