Charlotte Will Change 9 Street Names Connected to Slave Owners or the Confederacy

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The City of Charlotte will change the names of nine streets connected to slave owners or the Confederacy.

It comes after months of deliberation by a 15-person legacy commission.

The streets being renamed are:

  • Jefferson Davis Street
  • West Hill Street
  • Stonewall Street
  • Jackson Avenue
  • Phifer Avenue
  • Aycock Lane
  • Barringer Drive
  • Morrison Boulevard
  • Zebulon Avenue

The commission recommended renaming the streets because they are named after Confederate generals, officers, or those who actively fought against equality.

“It doesn’t mean we are erasing that history. It doesn’t mean we don’t teach that history. It simply means we don’t honor those folks,” said County member Larken Egleston, during Monday night’s meeting.

The streets chosen were narrowed down from a list of more than 70 street names.

The commission says nearly every person-named street in Charlotte, dating before the 1880’s, commemorates a family that owned slaves.

The commission decided not to recommend renaming several streets including:

  • Tryon Street
  • Alexander Street
  • Brevard Street
  • Caldwell Street
  • Davidson Street
  • Rea Road
  • Johnston Road

Council member Tariq Bokhari said he supports the changes, but also recommends the city no longer name streets after people.

“It’s impossible for us to understand, with today’s lens, or a future lens what is happening today or anticipate that,” Bokhari said during Monday night’s meeting.

The commission also found there are no longer any Confederate monuments on property controlled by the city.

It also found that Elmwood Cemetery is a proper place for Confederate memorials currently located there, though signage will be added to explain their history.