Airline Allows First Class Passengers To Take Off Their Masks

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The White House is considering a rule that would require all domestic flyers to test negative for COVID before boarding a plane. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg tells CNN that there is no decision yet to require testing, but it is one of the options being considered by the Centers for Disease Control.

For now, there is a federal mask requirement is in effect for trains, airplanes, and buses. And if you violate it, you may have to pay a fine. The first offense is $250, and can range up to $1,500 for repeated violations. The Federal Aviation Administration also says it will crack down on anyone who disrupts a flight over wearing a mask.

Compare that to this: premium passengers aboard Cathay Pacific flights are getting an added perk during the COVID-19 pandemic: mask-free flying. Executive Traveller reports that business and first-class passengers will be allowed to take off their masks when their seat is reclined or in a fully flat position. The Hong Kong airway credits the exemption to the spaciousness of its premium sections.

Our question of the night: should first class passengers be allowed to fly mask-less?

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