Some Covid-19 Survivors Now Suffering From Lasting Symptoms From Virus

CHARLOTTE — The Coronavirus can wreak havoc on the body.  Now, many people who’ve recovered from the virus still have symptoms even months later.

Doctors say it’s not uncommon.

“I’m 31, I was healthy, an active mom of four, and now I don’t get out of bed, I don’t eat, and I don’t spend time with my children like I need to,” says Rebecca Meyer, Covid Long Hauler.

Rebecca Meyer is one of hundreds of thousands of people who got Covid-19 months ago, recovered from the virus, but is still experiencing symptoms.  Medical experts have a name for these patients.  They’re called ‘Long Haulers’.  They are survivors who have lingering Covid symptoms that can last for months.

“When the virus gets into the body, it has the ability to overwrite what would normally be a healthy or good copy of a human genetic pool or gene pool, and once that virus gets inside and mutates, it begins to basically overwrite your current DNA pattern,” says Dr. Martez Prince, with Premier Pharmacy and Wellness Center.  In Layman’s terms, the virus can wreak havoc on the body.

Some Long Haulers, who have now tested negative for the virus, still have symptoms, such as coughing, fatigue, body ache, joint pain, a loss of taste and smell, shortness of breath, headache, difficulty sleeping, and brain fog.
The condition can effect anyone, old or young, those who were healthy, or battling underlying health conditions.

“Different genes express themselves differently, you can be the picture of health, or we’ve seen some 90 year-olds who’ve beat Covid, it responds differently in everyone’s bodies,” says Prince.