Teachers Rally Against Return To Classrooms In Cabarrus County

CONCORD — Teachers and parents are rallying, calling for a safe return to classrooms.  Thousands of teachers and students in Cabarrus County Schools head back to in-person learning next week.

Dozens of teachers turned out to Monday night’s Cabarrus County School Board meeting to voice their concerns.  Students in Pre K through 3rd grade head back to class four days a week beginning next Tuesday.  But, some teachers say their lives are at risk, and many believe they should be vaccinated before returning to the classroom.

“Cabarrus County school staff are asking you, the board of education, not to settle for meeting the minimum requirements.  Don’t settle for the bare minimum.  Do everything you can,” says Meredith Newman, Cabarrus County teacher.

Cabarrus County health officials told the board while Covid cases are still high in the county, the number of infections has been trending downward over the past two weeks.

Board members say schools have taken precautions to keep students safe.  Students will be double masked, their temperatures will be checked and desks are 6 feet apart.  They says students will also practice social distancing on school buses.

Many other parents turned out to express their concerns over two other issues.  One group is upset over the possible rezoning of hundreds of students to a new middle school that will open in the fall of 2022.  School officials say this issue will address overcrowding within the school system.

Other parents are calling for the removal of several teachers and the superintendent over claims that educators in Cabarrus County are pushing their own left-wing social ideologies in the classroom.