Increase in Aggressive Driving and “Street Takeovers” Including I-77 Shutdown

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Drivers caught on camera shutting down part of I-77, doing donuts and burnouts.

Police are speaking out about an increase in “street takeovers,” aggressive driving, and the effort to stop the dangerous trend.

Video shows dozens of cars stopped on I-77, engines revving, people hanging out of cars and windows, and taking pictures on their phone.

“It’s particularly brazen. It’s highly reckless. And it shows a shameless disregard for public safety and for the rules of the road,” says Maj. Dave Johnson, with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police.

The I-77 incident happening near the Tyvola Road exit around 11:00 last Friday night.

CMPD and the Highway Patrol say they’ve seen an increase in organized aggressive driving since the pandemic began.

A viewer sent us video of another “street takeover” that happened at North Sharon Amity Road and Kimmerly Glen Lane on a Sunday afternoon in January.

Troopers say if you get caught in a similar situation, call 911 with tag numbers and vehicle descriptions.

“Do not engage with these drivers. If you see someone driving careless and reckless, do not try to chase that vehicle,” says Trooper Ray Pierce, with the North Carolina Highway Patrol.

Police say they’re also stepping up patrols in problem areas like near Prosperity Church Road and I-485.

An enforcement campaign there has led to more than 3,000 traffic violations charged.