Hundreds Of Signatures On Petition To Turn Tennis Court Lights On At Public Parks In Mecklenburg County

CHARLOTTE, NC. — It’s lights out at tennis courts across public parks in Mecklenburg County.

“My players that work, the only times I can play tennis is during the evenings or on weekends, which really takes, it just really I guess hurts them when other people can play during the day,” says Terri Sanz.

Sanz owns Terri’s Tennis Ladder. A flex league that runs throughout the year. She says the county doesn’t turn the tennis court lights on at night because of the pandemic.

“It has been proven that tennis is one of the safest sports and sell, and you’re always at a safe distance away from each other, that nobody can understand why they’re stopping the lights coming on so people can play and get their exercise.”

Sanz started a petition a week ago, calling on the county to keep the lights on when it gets dark. The petition has more than 1,000 signatures. Some saying: “Tennis doesn’t spread COVID and keeping the lights off but bars open is nonsense, ” and, “Fresh air and exercise are important for the entire family and we need to be able to extend our time outdoors.”

Mecklenburg County Health Director Gibbie Harris says this decision is based on the county directive.

“The county decided that included keeping those lights off on our courts and all fields that belong to the county,” says Harris.