NCGOP Censures Sen. Richard Burr Following Impeachment Conviction Vote

CHARLOTTE, NC – The North Carolina GOP voted to censure Sen. Richard Burr on Monday night, signaling the party’s displeasure with Burr following his vote to convict Fmr. President Donald Trump of inciting a riot.

The NCGOP saying in a statement, “The NCGOP agrees with the strong majority of Republicans in both the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate that the Democrat-led attempt to impeach a former President lies outside the United States Constitution.”

“The republican party is largely still supportive of president trump and would strongly disagree with senator burr who’s been a consistent conservative and loyal party member for 20 years in North Carolina,” explained Eric Heberlig is a political science professor at UNC Charlotte.

“They’re seeing their future as more in alignment with the trump movement than with the retiring senator of their own party,” Heberlig continued.

Burr was one of seven Senators to convict Trump, saying the facts were clear.

He continued by saying the President, “bears responsibility for these tragic events. The evidence is compelling that President Trump is guilty of inciting an insurrection…”

“The biggest winner of this whole impeachment trial is Lara Trump,” said Sen. Lindsay Graham of South Carolina during a Fox News interview.

Graham and others are already looking ahead to 2022 and the race to fill Burr’s seat.  Burr had previously announced he would not seek reelection.

“I certainly will be behind her because she represents the future of the Republican Party,” said Graham.

The most recent polls from December show Lara Trump and former North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory as front runners for Burr’s seat.