CMS Middle & High School Students Return To In-Person Learning On Monday

CHARLOTTE, NC. — A reassuring Superintendent Earnest Winston says the district has all the safety protocols and practices in place to welcome back the first group of middle school and high school students on Monday. Students are broken up into Group A, Group B, and Group C. With each group rotating in-person learning for a week, then back to remote. Winston says the board of education plans to adopt a revised calendar to balance in-person instructional days for the rotations at the upcoming meeting.

“I am excited as well to say that we are ready. We’re ready next week to see our traditional middle school students in grade 6 through eight, and our high school students return to the classroom in their assigned rotation,” says Superintendent Winston.

Brian Kasher is the parent of a senior at Providence High School and a sixth-grader at Crest Dale Middle School. He’s keeping his children learning from home until further notice.

“It’s based on the fact that we’re not gamblers. We tend to like to have certainty with our health, and our children’s lives are at stake,” Kasher says.

Steve Oreskovic is an 8th-grade social studies teacher in CMS. The district is allowing him to continue teaching remotely because of health reasons. He tells me his colleagues are worried.

“Kids in middle and high school are more like adults in the studies are out there to say the adults are spreading this virus; there’s no question about that,” says Oreskovic.