Parents Worry Missing Kannapolis Teen May Have Been Lured on Internet

KANNAPOLIS, N.C. – The adoptive parents of a missing Kannapolis teen worry someone may have lured her over the internet.

14-year-old Trenity Boland left home four weeks ago and could be somewhere in Charlotte.

“We’re terribly afraid,” says Trenity’s adoptive mother Kay Boland, “We’re afraid that she was lured off of the internet, Instagram.”

Trenity continues to post on her TikTok account, but her adoptive parents say the videos show her dressed inappropriately, and they fear she could be doing it against her will.

“Our suspicion is, yes, most of the pictures that we do see, she’s not very happy,” Boland says.

Police believe Trenity may have recently been in the SouthPark area of Charlotte.

Thursday, Kannapolis Police informed an apartment manager there about a possible missing person.

When the manager went to check, someone inside fired, hitting them and leading to a SWAT standoff.

When police were able to get inside, the apartment was empty.

“Either she was there or she was a part of that situation somehow,” Boland says.

Trenity’s adoptive parents plan to be in Charlotte soon to put up posters with her picture.

They’re also working on a cash reward for clues leading to Trenity’s safe return.