Live Makeover With Swan Beauty – A Digital Beauty Concierge


Between the pandemic and life’s other stressors, taking time to focus on your skin may be the last thing on your mind right now. But, two Charlotte women are making beauty easy and more affordable during the pandemic. Leigh Humphrey and Lindsey Regan Thorne created Swan Beauty, a digital and personalized shopping experience that combines artificial intelligence with human experience to bring you a curated, hand selected beauty regimen. Tuesday, Swan Beauty did a live makeover on Rising for their client, owner of Addison Weeks and breast cancer survivor, Katherine Mulford. After her breast cancer diagnoses, Mulford chose Swan Beauty for cleaner, and healthier products.

How does it work? You create a quick profile using an interactive beauty quiz and by uploading a selfie. The program’s algorithms utilize this customer data to generate different recommendations of brands and products from a robust database of inventory that are shared with a team of highly educated beauty experts in real time. Swan Beauty will then match the customers’ profile with a beauty expert who will hand select full-size products that match their preferences and needs. The customers’ personal beauty expert will curate a Swan Beauty personalized makeup bag filled with full size products, detailed makeup tutorials and a personalized face diagram with detailed information on the selected products delivered straight to your door. Each package comes with the full face of drammed samples to test prior to committing to the full size products; keep what you love and send back the rest.