Local Movie Theaters Still Struggling To Survive During Pandemic

INDIAN LAND, S.C. – The future of movie theaters across Charlotte is uncertain.

Many are struggling to recover financially after being shut down for months because of the pandemic.

The owners of Redstone 14 theaters in Indian Land, posted a message announcing their temporary closing. It happened just one month after they reopened last August. Back then, the theater implemented safety protocols such as social distancing, and sanitizing after each screening. But, apparently, that still wasn’t enough.

The company says it will continue to monitor the impact of Covid-19, and also push for access to bigger box office movies.

Many residents weren’t surprised to hear about the theater’s closing.

“It’s nice, it’s family owned, so I’m really sad that they closed down,” says Indian Land resident, Brandy Windham.

In Charlotte, Ayrsley Grand Cinema and AMC Carolina 22 are still open.  Now, they’re offering a new incentive to get you in the door.  You can rent one of their theaters for a private movie screening starting at 99 dollars.