More Tent Encampments Grow Near Former “

CHARLOTTE, NC – A week after the removal of the north end encampment, there is another tent grouping growing.This time off of Music Factory Blvd near the highway 277 overpass.

“Un-sheltered homelessness has existed in Mecklenburg County for several years, it’s just been mostly hidden,” said Randall Hitt with Roof Above.

He says they’ve been working to coordinate resources for people who were recently removed from the north end encampment.

“It doesn’t surprise me that there are other encampments in our community,” explained Hitt.

The growth of another visible tent city was something expected as overflow from the north end encampment spilled out.

County health director Gibbie Harris said in a statement..

“We are monitoring the locations around the North End Encampment for public health concerns.  We anticipated that there might be increases in tents in the surrounding areas one the Encampment was vacated.  The County will do what it can, working with community partners and the City to promote safe environments for these locations.”

As the city’s homeless spread out, grassroots organizations are working the front lines.

“We want to remain solely focused on our mission of ending homelessness,” said Hitt.

They’re reaching out to anyone living on the streets.

“All of those people additionally need resources as well and a great pathway to housing,” said Hitt.