Edge: Dababy Sued Yet Again

Dababy accused of assaulting a rental property owner

Charlotte native rapper, Dababy is being sued. The owner of a California rental home filed a lawsuit on Monday accusing the rapper, whose real name is Jonathan Kirk of attacking him and stealing his phone after the man tried to shut down an unauthorized music video shoot. The incident happened in December 2020.

The plaintiff, Gary Pagar alleges the Grammy-nominated rapper brought about 40 people to the Los Angeles property. Violating the lease agreement which prohibited gatherings of more than 12 people due to Covid-19 restrictions. According to legal documents obtained by Variety, Pagar went inside the home and was knocked to the ground by an un-known man, then Dababy ran inside and sucker punched him.

Kirk is no stranger to legal battles. He currently faces a lawsuit for a December 2019 altercation at a Beverly Hills hotel where the plaintiff in that case says Kirk pushed and assaulted him after he snapped a picture of him. That attack was caught on camera. Last month, the rapper was arrested in Beverly Hills and charged with carrying a concealed weapon  and carrying a loaded weapon in a vehicle. And in January 2020 he was also arrested after getting into a fight with a party promoter. The battery charges stemming from that case were later dropped.

Social media users are sounding off saying, “This man is really living up to his name.” and “Dude is going to go broke if he doesn’t stop putting his hands on people.”

Dababy is nominated for four Grammy Awards this year, which are set to air March 14th.

That brings us to the question of the night: Should the music industry hold Dababy more accountable?


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