Some Crossing Boarder For Services In South Carolina Where COVID Restrictions Ease

FORT MILL, SC – South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster loosening more COVID-19 restrictions on Friday, allowing bars to serve alcohol past 11 p.m. and large events to go on without extra approval.

“Co-working hasn’t changed a whole lot, but the events took a major hit,” said Jennifer Belk.

Belk owns LOOM co-working and event space in Fort Mill.

“Baby showers. a crazy number of baby showers,” said Belk.

She says they’ve held smaller family events, but that larger events are beginning to book up as restrictions in the state loosen.

“Each of the rooms is half, so we’ve just been making it work and spreading out,” said Belk.

“I wasn’t sure if North Carolina would be open or closed, we’re never sure. So just have to try and come to South Carolina,” said Konji Boakye.

She is throwing a graduation party for her son. She says she plans to designate times for guests and keep things spread out as best as possible.

“I just wanted to share with our family and friends who’ve been there to support us, just to celebrate this great milestone in his life,” said Boakye.

People like Boakye are taking advantage of looser restrictions in South Carolina. On Friday, Gov. McMaster lifted tight rules on gathers over 250 people, although capacity is still capped at 50% and people must wear masks.

He also allowed restaurants and bars to serve drinks past 11.

“We’re looking forward to maybe staying open a little later. Everyone here is going to continue wearing masks,” said Michael Corcoran.

Corcoran manages Corkscrew Wine Bar in Fort Mill. He says sales are about 50% of their pre-pandemic level and he hopes more customers will soon return.

“A lot of that downturn isn’t necessarily because you’re at half capacity or asking folks to wear a mask, it’s because people don’t feel safe coming out,” said Corcoran.